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Alright, from this point on, I am going to attempt to post my end of the year listage over the course of the next week - though I don't know if that will actually happen as I don't actually have it completely ready. But I'm going to try. Anyway, to start things off, I've been thinking a lot about my list last year and how if I did it again now, it would really be very different. I still like a lot of those albums but some not as much anymore, some even more, and a couple have kind of worn off of me completely. I don't really have the patience to completely redo my list at this point - and I would probably need more than the ten slots I initially filled - but I do want to mention a few albums that if I had liked them so much then would definitely have had a bigger chance of making it. A few of these I did list as honorable mentions but I've grown to like them even more since then so I feel like they deserve a bit more. Others are artists that I didn't really discover until this year so they weren't on my radar at all at the time. And since I already have to upload a shitload of stuff for my '08 list, a lot of these songs are just copied and pasted links from previous posts, unless I hadn't posted much from that band previously. So you probably already have a lot of these but, oh well, here they are in case you don't - and of course, there are still a good amount of songs I've never posted before.

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Okay, here's the final post of 2007-related stuff. That is, until six months from now when I discover some album I didn't know anything about previously and it suddenly becomes my new favorite. And believe me, that's probably very likely to happen, knowing my track record. I actually still have a handful of albums on my "Need to listen to more!" playlist, but I have to let go of 2007 list-making at some point or I won't have time to listen to any 2008 releases. (And shockingly, those are starting to pile up as well already!) Anyway, here's the last set of songs. Enjoy!

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Now that we've got all that top ten craziness out of the way, there were obviously tons of other awesome releases this year. And then a few that might not be so awesome overall, but have that one amazing song. So, here are some of my favorite songs of the year (excluding any from the top ten, obviously; I think I've got them well covered). Also, album title = purchase link.

And because I'm weird like that and want to stretch this out to last the whole week, the rest of the songs tomorrow!

2007, #5-1.

Jan. 8th, 2008 11:47 am
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Drumroll, please...

5. Los Campesinos! - Sticking Fingers Into Sockets (purchase)
(+ The International Tweexcore Underground)

I debated whether I should place Sticking Fingers Into Sockets this high or if I should even place it at all because I've only started to love it recently and it is just an EP after all. However, I've become extremely obsessed with it over the past week or two and the fact that I'm even considering it at all amongst so many full-lengths is impressive enough to cement its place. Plus, if you include the quite excellent The International Tweexcore Underground single, you almost get enough to make a pretty solid long-player. Now, to actually talk about the important part, the music: I'll admit that all of their songs have a similar sound, but you know what? It's one damn good song and anyway, in my opinion, they're different enough to distinguish themselves from each other. This EP serves as an excellent proper introduction to their music. It opens with "We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives" and its catchy and lyrically amusing chorus will be stuck in your head for days on end ("There's red stains all over the place/But they're not blood, they're cherry-aide/We throw parties, you throw knives/It's all the same if the fizzy drinks are nice"). Plus, that darkly humorous reference in the second verse ("It's your party but I'll die if I want to/I'll die if I want to") is bound to at least make you chuckle. Then there's "You! Me! Dancing!", a six-minute dose of pop perfection which culminates in the childish but strangely addicting shout-along of "It's you! It's me! And there's dancing!" Even the 35-second closer, "Clunk-Play-Clunk-Rewind-Clunk", has something lovable about it. As for that single, "The International Tweexcore Underground", it's another instantly enjoyable track, with sparring boy-girl vocals and cute if slightly pretentious lyrics. Even their covers, like Pavement's "Frontwards" and Heavenly's "C is the Heavenly Option", have just as much attitude and personality as their originals. Sure, they stick to a similar formula and their song titles nearly veer into Fall Out Boy territory as far as complete absurdness goes, but they never take themselves too seriously and seem like they're just out to have a good time and that's really all that matters. I'm almost positive their upcoming debut full-length will find a place in next year's list, though it does have quite a bit of stiff competition. (Since writing this, I downloaded the album leak because I have absolutely no willpower, but the plus side - it's completely excellent, as I was expecting.)

  • We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives
  • You! Me! Dancing!
  • The International Tweexcore Underground

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Tomorrow, the best songs from the albums that didn't quite make the cut but were still noteworthy.
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Alright, finally, a 2007 wrap-up. I was getting nowhere with trying to make a cohesive mix, so I've decided to go about this a bit differently. Basically, this whole week is going to be "2007" week and I'm going to try to post something everyday - the first two days will be my top ten albums, the next two will be songs from other good albums, and the third will be sort of an "anticipated in 2008" post. I've posted quite a few of these songs in the past, but it gives you the chance to realize that these are my very favorites and if you haven't tried them by now, I definitely recommend you to! There are still some albums I haven't listened to properly but I realized that if I kept trying to listen to everything, this wouldn't be done until the end of 2008, so I decided that none of those would probably make it into my top ten anyway and settled on this list. I'm pretty happy with it; the only spot that doesn't feel completely static is #10, which was occupied by quite a few different albums until I decided on what's there now. So, without further ado, the latter half of my top ten, complete with reviews, purchase links, and Youtube videos!

Emma Pollock - Watch The Fireworks (purchase)

Watch the Fireworks, in many ways, picks up where Emma's previous band the Delgados' final album, Universal Audio, left off. It's full of catchy, slightly quirky indie pop tunes sprinkled with well-written lyrics and Emma's distinguishable raspy yet sweet vocals. The album opens with "New Land", which could be a pretty generic singer-songwriter track if not for the carnival-esque melodies and persistent drumbeat propelling it. This is true of most of the tracks; they don't tread any new territory, but Emma knows how to make them memorable and instantly lovable. "Acid Test" is a bit edgier and more rock-oriented while singles like "Paper and Glue" and "Adrenaline" are poppy without being completely vapid. All of the catchiness is interspersed with more folky simple songs like "Limbs", "Fortune", and "The Optimist" which are soft and pretty but Emma's slightly raw voice keeps them from sounding bland. Her music is probably most reminiscent of female artists like Anna Nalick and Nerina Pallot, but her years of experience with the Delgados allows her songs to be more meaningful, impactful, and durable than others with a similar style who haven't been active for as long. Her delivery sounds both youthful and wise at the same time and her songs fit nicely as one unit but never blend together until you don't know which is which. I used to listen almost exclusively to artists of the "female singer-songwriter" ilk but I've grown a bit tired of that these past couple of years, so it takes a lot to capture my attention in that category anymore. For that reason, Emma definitely deserves to be on this list. From the moment I first heard Watch the Fireworks I knew I was in love and even if her chosen style of music isn't terribly unique, she definitely stands out as one of the most talented women in that group right now.

  • Acid Test
  • Paper and Glue
  • The Optimist

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#5-1 tomorrow! (Unless you know the one other place I've posted this. In that case, you're lucky.)


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