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Ha! I bet you didn't think I was going to get around to posting the rest of this today, did you? Well, neither did I but in the end, I forced myself to do it because I would have been completely disappointed if I screwed up the entire schedule at the last minute. Because of this, half of these reviews are kind of half-assed. But I've also written about all of them to some extent before so that's partly to blame too. Anyway, I doubt most of you read my overly-long ramblings anyway so as long as the music follows, I guess that's all that matters.

And the winners are... )

And there you go! That's it! Now I can take a break for a couple of days before I get to work on gushing all over my first potential top twenty of 2010 when it comes out on Tuesday. Yes, you read that right, I'm already predicting what's going to make it onto this year's list. In fact, it's not even halfway through January and I've heard three albums already that I'm positive will be on it. I won't make some broad exclamation of album of the year yet because that's more than a little premature but, yeah, I'm pretty sure I've got 3/20 spots locked.
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Almost there! Pretty much around number six, though, it gets really hard for me to decide what's better than what. I might have just left it at a six-way tie for number one but, well, that seemed like a bit of a cop-out. In the end, I ended up ranking them more based on gut impact and my overall relationship with the artist/band than the actual musicianship. So, basically, they're all amazing.

Ten-six. )
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I am shocked at myself - I'm actually managing to keep on schedule for once! Anyway, from here on out, I feel like this list is pretty much exactly how I want it; as much editing as I've done to the bottom five in the last couple of weeks, I've barely touched the rest. And I'm just going to say right now regarding number thirteen: Don't judge me, mmkay? Onto the music!

He ate my heart and then HE ATE MY BRAIN! )
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A few things. It was extremely hard for me to decide on these last five albums; honestly, I probably should have left it at fifteen because I've switched different ones out and re-arranged them so many times it's ridiculous. There was a lot of music I liked this year but, apparently, there wasn't a lot that truly wowed me because there's a massive difference in how passionately I feel about these lower five compared to the upper fifteen. I'm finally satisfied at the moment with the order I've decided on but, ugh, I'll probably look back on this in a few months' time and wonder what the hell I was thinking. Anyway, there I go dampening the mood already. I'll just get to the list now.



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