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The Morning Of - The Way I Fell In )

The Way I Fell In is out everywhere today. Support the band and buy it if you love it.

P.S. Go check out Lydia's Myspace to hear a brand new song called "We Clean Up So Well" from their upcoming summer release. It is predictably lovely. Just try to focus on the song and not the announcement that this album will be their last. Because it's far too depressing a thought to dwell on (I know because I am).
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Almost there! Pretty much around number six, though, it gets really hard for me to decide what's better than what. I might have just left it at a six-way tie for number one but, well, that seemed like a bit of a cop-out. In the end, I ended up ranking them more based on gut impact and my overall relationship with the artist/band than the actual musicianship. So, basically, they're all amazing.

Ten-six. )
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Alright, I can't delay this any longer as it's already way overdue. Well, sort of - on the 27th of December, I promised it within the week but on the 15th, I gave myself a month so I at least have to get this posted before I break both deadlines. Anyway, it's been nearly done for at least two weeks now but I've been a. lazy in writing thoughts on each album (which, if you know me, I can't go without including) and b. obsessed with slightly re-arranging the list so that if I didn't force myself to stop I'd never be able to. I'm pretty happy with it right now, for the most part, especially the top ten; the rest of the list is more fluid, as is to be expected, but I just couldn't bring myself to make the lower ten "honorable mentions" and call it good - they deserve better than that so I had to include them.

So, since otherwise this is going to be extremely tl;dr, I am going to split it up into two entries to make it only slightly tl;dr. I was going to do four but considering I'm already later than I wanted to be, that seems pretty unnecessary. So, two it is. Back ten today, top ten tomorrow. Remember, it's all my opinion, my tastes, etc., etc. so if you want to tell me how bad it sucks just do it in a constructive way, okay? I don't like arguing.

And for the record, most surprising thing about this list? 14 of the bands have prominent male singers in them. This is shocking because about two or three years ago, I basically used to shun most male vocalists and only listened to female vocals. This is a big step for me. Sure, about 8 of those also have prominent female singers, but still. I am proud of myself for this, people! There were only three bands out of ten on my list last year (four if you count Rilo Kiley - which I don't; poor Blake only got one song, after all) and those all had female vocals as well. Anyway, yes, this is exciting to me. Now, onto the important stuff!...

P.S. Click on the album covers for Amazon links if you are interested. I actually own physical copies of 15/20 of these which is pretty good for a downloading fiend like me. So support these artists if you like them, okay? Also, remember to change download links from hxxp to http for them to work. And the key tracks are listed roughly in order of how much I like them, so if you don't want to download them all, just try the first song from each.

Without further ado, #20-11... )

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Alright, from this point on, I am going to attempt to post my end of the year listage over the course of the next week - though I don't know if that will actually happen as I don't actually have it completely ready. But I'm going to try. Anyway, to start things off, I've been thinking a lot about my list last year and how if I did it again now, it would really be very different. I still like a lot of those albums but some not as much anymore, some even more, and a couple have kind of worn off of me completely. I don't really have the patience to completely redo my list at this point - and I would probably need more than the ten slots I initially filled - but I do want to mention a few albums that if I had liked them so much then would definitely have had a bigger chance of making it. A few of these I did list as honorable mentions but I've grown to like them even more since then so I feel like they deserve a bit more. Others are artists that I didn't really discover until this year so they weren't on my radar at all at the time. And since I already have to upload a shitload of stuff for my '08 list, a lot of these songs are just copied and pasted links from previous posts, unless I hadn't posted much from that band previously. So you probably already have a lot of these but, oh well, here they are in case you don't - and of course, there are still a good amount of songs I've never posted before.

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On the Run

One glance at the cover of their sophomore release, On the Run, will tell you exactly how much 1997 has changed and evolved as a band since their debut. The cover of that album, last year's A Better View of the Rising Moon, features a drawing of a cozy little house settled amongst abstract doodles of flowers and stars. It is reminiscent of a child's artwork - bright, colorful, vibrant - and serves as a good indication of the music inside: catchy, energetic songs whose youthful and joyous melodies betray the comparatively darker lyrics that ruminate on such subjects as failed relationships and broken homes. Here, any false happiness has been erased and replaced with a mysterious grainy photograph of a solitary figure. The image brings many emotions to mind - depression, restlessness, abandonment, desperation - and it too hints at the album's contents. These songs make no effort to mask their less-than-happy lyrics and the instrumentation and vocals are intense, moody, aggressive, a far cry from the anthemic sing-along choruses and bouncy harmonies of the band's first album. In little more than a year, 1997 has become nearly an entirely different band. The impressive part is that neither version of the band is any better or worse than the other; they can exist as two separate entities rather than constantly competing. Once this balance is achieved in the listener's head, On the Run becomes a truly fantastic record, different but no less enjoyable or fulfilling - and maybe even more so.

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On the Run is out now on Victory records. If you like what you hear, please support the band and consider purchasing it.

  • Dancing with the Devil
  • January 19th
  • Zechariah's Song
  • A Dream of Form in Days of Thought
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Song of the Day

1997 - Tennessee Song



I've posted about this band a few times in the past, but I never truly adored them until now. At the moment, they are my latest obsession; yes, I have a lot of obsessions, have you noticed? This song is one that hasn't stood out to me previously but today it finally clicked and I've fallen in complete love. It's not very complicated musically or lyrically but that's what makes it so charming and addictive. And there's one line in the chorus - "If I can't hold you, I'm gonna fold you like a note and keep you here with me" - that just makes me all weak at the knees and swoon-y. It's such a simple sentiment but so beautiful and "awww"-inducing. This track is from their first album, A Better View of the Rising Moon, but they have a new album coming out in a couple weeks - On the Run - which is also excellent if a bit less immediately rewarding, so go ahead and buy it if you want to! I'll definitely be posting about that more here once it comes out (and I hopefully rummage up the money to get a physical copy to atone for my downloading sins).
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It's shocking, I know, but I've actually got this done less than a week after the last mix. Unlike my first girl/boy mix, where I had a bit of trouble filling an entire 80 minutes, with this one, I had too much music to choose from. I've discovered a lot of these types of bands in the last few months and of course there are always the old favorites as well, so I had to figure out a way to work both of those groups in. As painful as it was, I decided to mostly go with new stuff and had to cut out a few of those standbys (Rilo Kiley, Tilly and the Wall, etc.) until I ended up with only four artists that were on the previous mix and I couldn't make myself take out any others from there. I'm pretty happy with the results, though. There are probably about two songs that I would want to replace with something else but it's a bit hard now that I've got them all in a nice order and everything, so it works as is. I don't know if anyone actually downloads and listens to the entire mix in order, but if you do, my favorite transition is from "Midnight Coward" to "Why So Looking Back". It was kind of accidental because I was going to do "Why So Looking Back" after "So Many Ways" but it didn't sound very smooth, so I randomly chose another song to try between the two and it ended up fitting perfectly. Anyway, enough talk, on to the music. There's a lot of bands here that I've never posted about before so I hope you find something new to like!

Download entire mix (74 MB)
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Now that we've got all that top ten craziness out of the way, there were obviously tons of other awesome releases this year. And then a few that might not be so awesome overall, but have that one amazing song. So, here are some of my favorite songs of the year (excluding any from the top ten, obviously; I think I've got them well covered). Also, album title = purchase link.

And because I'm weird like that and want to stretch this out to last the whole week, the rest of the songs tomorrow!
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The idea for this mix was spurred by my current Stars obsession but my weakness for boy/girl duos started around the time that I first got into Tilly and the Wall and Mates of State, probably a year or more ago now. It's great to find a really unique and affecting male or female voice but to me, it's even more powerful when you put them together. So that's the idea behind this mix and it's definitely my favorite so far. I think the songs flow really well and they're all just awesome songs, to put it simply. Three things I feel like you should know:

  1. The song the title is from (Ingrid Michaelson's "Breakable") is not on the mix because, well, it's not a boy/girl song. I'm just not smart enough to think up a witty title on my own so all I could think of was this and "Scream loud, all you girls and boys" from Tilly and the Wall's "Nights of the Living Dead". I figured there was less screaming and more vulnerability/sadness on it overall, therefore I went with this title.
  2. I really dislike Johnathan Rice's music and the song on here is the only one I can stand, mostly due to the presence of Jenny Lewis' lovely voice. I don't know why I feel the need to say this; I guess to justify to myself that it's okay to have him on here or something, ha.
  3. The Slow Club song is kind of low quality since it's just a MySpace rip and the single containing it is only available in 7" format right now but I love it so much that I used it anyway. It's not completely unlistenable, just a bit tinny compared to everything else.
Okay, there's that, now to the music! Oh, in case you don't keep up with the introductory post thing, I'm starting to post all links as hxxp instead of http, to keep them safer or something I guess, so just make sure to change that part when you open one.

We are a pair of apples. )
Download entire mix (71 MB)

Apparently, my last mix got downloaded more than 20 times yet I got no comments on that post. Don't get me wrong, I love that so many people have found their way here and a comment isn't required, but it is much appreciated, even just a few words. By the way, if anyone knows of any similar bands, let me know because I seriously can't get enough of the boy/girl thing!
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I liked using a mixtape method so much last time that I think I'm going to continue using it for each of my future themed posts. It forces me to be choosy in my selection and seems more thoughtful and cohesive than simply a random group of songs. With my last one, I actually struggled to fill up an entire 80 minutes but it was the opposite with this mix. Because of the broad theme - songs featuring handclaps - there was a much larger selection of songs to choose from which meant I had to make quite a few painful cuts, especially in the final stages, when I would suddenly find a new song to fit in and had to trade another one for it or when I had to take out or replace some songs for the greater good of the overall sound. I tried to focus more on making all of the songs fit together musically than just choosing a bunch of my favorites, so for many of the artists included, the song I picked isn't necessarily my very favorite of their handclap-featuring songs but works better with all of the others. I specifically wanted to make this mix more upbeat and fun so there are only a few slower songs. Also, this compilation has a shocking amount of male vocals for my usual tastes - okay, it's still not a lot by normal standards, but it's a lot considering that I almost exclusively listen to females. Anyway, here are 22 lovely songs that will hopefully put a smile on your face and make you want to get up and dance. Same as last time, you can either download single tracks below the cut or download the whole mix, whichever works better for you.

It's such a crazy kick-ass beat. )

Download entire mix (70 MB)

P.S. Does anyone know any good songs with any kind of group vocals in them? I did a post with some awhile ago but I want to revisit and expand on the theme and I'm running a bit short on songs. If you can think of any (and not ones that totally don't match with my music taste at all), let me know!


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