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...And I realize I haven't been around for months and months, partly because I'm not sure anyone actually bothers reading this anymore, partly because real life got in the way. But I haven't really properly written about music in a very long time so what better way to jump back into it than with my top twenty for the year? However, as usual, I'm terrible at motivating myself when I don't set a strict deadline so here it is: twenty albums in twenty days. I figure sticking to that schedule will a. force me to stop obsessing over albums I have not heard that I may or may not fall in love with before January, b. keep me from procrastinating until halfway through next year and c. make my verbosity less overwhelming for anyone who might still check in here. The best part is that since I've been so absent, I've really only talked about one of these albums in depth - so almost everything is completely new, yay!

Anyway, before I get to that list, let's get the albums that didn't make it out of the way. Here are thirteen songs from albums that were just okay, albums that kind of sucked apart from a song or two and EP/single releases that stuck with me throughout the course of the year. Tomorrow, I will start the countdown. (Also, if you like these posts and want to leave me a quick comment that would be fantastic as I really do appreciate even the smallest thanks.)

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Alright, so, about that 2010 list of mine. I've only got about half the reviews written at this point and at the moment all of my creative energy is being harnessed by other things so I'm not sure when I will have the rest ready. I know I could just copy and paste my first reviews, since I've already posted about most of them before, but even though it is illogical to write the same things in different words all over again, I can't help it. So you'll have to wait for that awhile longer. But here is something to hold you over until then. I've also mentioned a lot of these albums before but some of them are here for the first time so it's not entirely a waste of a post. Also, I can't really call this entire list honorable mentions because, well, some of the albums I don't like much as a whole but they happen to have a couple really amazing songs. So it's just a list of... everything I felt I needed to mention that isn't in the top twenty for whatever reason.

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Alright, as promised, today = the top ten. I can honestly say that I adore every single one of these albums. So I'm quite happy with this list. I've also realized that my reviews would be a whole lot shorter if I didn't quote so damn many lyrics... What can I say? I'm a sucker for good lyrics. Anyway, I think that's all I have to say. Except that these all come highly recommended, obviously, so if you haven't listened to them, I think you should give them a chance. Oh yeah, and if anyone is surprised by my number one, well, you must be new here because it's so predictable if you know me. That is all. On to the music...

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Here are a few random songs/artists I am loving at the moment. No *NSYNC this time, I promise. ;)

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And also, because I'm feeling generous and because no one is really getting anything out of me keeping them to myself, here are links to some random things I have uploaded in my MediaFire folder - a few albums, some songs. They are all good, I promise, so download whatever you'd like! Remember to change xx to tt for the links to work.

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Oct. 31st, 2008 12:22 pm
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If you need any more proof of the genius that is Amanda Palmer, just watch her latest crazy music video for "Oasis". Every time I watch it, it amuses me ten times more. Must I say it again? This woman can do no wrong. (The following is not recommended for those who are easily offended by the mockery of "serious subjects" but if you are not, it's hilarious.)

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I've been kind of non-existent here lately, I know, at least compared to the rate that I used to post, but here's a little something to make up for that. I've been wanting to make a new mix lately but had absolutely no ideas for it. Between that and trying to think of something - anything! - to post about, this one was born. The seed was planted last night when my Zune decided to play me "Get Big" and "Warrior" back-to-back and I thought it sounded quite nice, so then I kept thinking about other songs that would work with those two. There is really no hugely obvious theme this time... I guess just that all of the songs are kind of dark and moody and sad, different aspects of depressing, I suppose. And basically I just think they all sound good together and they're mostly songs that I've been obsessed with lately. I think there are only two that I've posted previously, so that's a plus. And I just have to say, I'm the kind of person who feels like it's wasteful to not use the entire 80 minutes of a blank CD, so it was extremely hard for me not to try and fill up the last twenty or so that remain with this. But there are really no other songs I felt the need to add and I was afraid that any half-hearted inclusions would disrupt the entire thing, so I left it be. Also, there is really no reason for the two parts, just me being pretentious, I guess. (And yes, I realize that Orenda Fink is technically on the CD three times which I generally try not to do but whatever...)

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Download entire mix (87 MB)
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Today is finally the day! Amanda Palmer has been killed (figuratively, of course). Have you picked up your copy of the album yet? If not, let me try to convince you some more with another way-too-long review.

Amanda Palmer

Who Killed Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer has proved her innovation as a songwriter many times over as the creative force behind punk cabaret duo, The Dresden Dolls, most recently with No, Virginia..., a compilation of rejects and oddballs released earlier this year that stands up against the band's proper records surprisingly well. Mere months later, she has unveiled yet another near masterpiece for her hungry fanbase to consume: her much-anticipated solo debut, Who Killed Amanda Palmer. Its journey is an interesting one; envisioned two years ago as a minimalistic piano and voice affair, the final product is instead an unabashedly lavish, bombastic, all stops out production. Between the many frills and embellishments and the substantial list of guest contributors (Ben Folds, Zoë Keating, East Bay Ray, etc.), it would be all too easy for the emotional core of the songs to get lost beneath everything. Luckily, Palmer knows exactly how much is too much and steers clear of crossing that potentially disastrous line, offering up what very well may be her best work to date.

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Who Killed Amanda Palmer
is out today on Roadrunner records. Order special packages containing bonus tracks, t-shirts, the upcoming accompanying book written by Neil Gaiman, and more at the official website. Alternately, you can pick up the mp3 version with even more bonus tracks at Amazon or the physical product without any extras (but who wants that?!?) at any record store that's worth a damn. Also, make sure to watch the Who Killed Amanda Palmer video series over on her Youtube channel.

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Favorite Songs Currently:

I hated this the first time I listened to it, probably because the vocals really took awhile to grow on me, but I kind of love it now. It's very catchy but also very intense. This is from their last album, but they have a new one coming out that is apparently extremely polarizing but I kind of like it... a lot... though all the negativity makes me feel like I shouldn't. But it has some kickass songs. Now I'm going to go cry in a corner because they are touring with Lydia and I am probably not going.

I have to thank [livejournal.com profile] msmoocow for introducing me to this band a few posts ago. They are extremely lovely. The male vocalist reminds me of Ben Gibbard the teensiest bit and overall, their songs are very reminiscent of Straylight Run, though maybe more on the mellow side. They have four songs on their myspace and I adore them all. And if you do, you should buy their EP which has two other songs, because I know I will be as soon as possible.

Okay, okay, I posted this song already back when I was first getting into them, but I have a newfound obsession with it. It's so beautiful, especially on the chorus when the female voice kicks in ever so subtly. And the end synth-y instrumental break. And I just adore Andy LeMaster's voice no matter what he's singing, really. You should also go back a few posts and find "Night Vision" and "Dark Light Daybreak" because I'm still obsessed with those two as well.

I posted about this band right as I was getting into them; flash forward a week or two and I'm in complete love. Love the vocals, love the strings, love everything. This song is gorgeous. The chorus is quite epic in a non-flashy way. It's just beautiful; that's all I can say.

Who Killed Amanda Palmer:

Guess what? This album finally comes out next Tuesday and you can pre-order it right now from the official website. The uber-special uber-expensive package is probably about sold out by now, I'd say (and I, of course, have already got mine safely ordered). I'm not sure if they'll still be offering them un-autographed, but you can at least get the CD by itself (with an instant download of it + two bonus tracks) or with a t-shirt and what looks to be an amazing upcoming digital EP with unincluded songs and different takes of some that did make it. If you haven't heard this, just trust me, it's worth it to purchase, okay? Amanda is an amazingly talented person who deserves your money and it's an added bonus that the album is truly fantastic - her best work to date, I'd venture.

Acid Tongue:

Well, this is a surprising development, but the whole album has been put up for streaming on Jenny's myspace. I'm not sure how long it'll actually be there for, so if you're adverse to illegally downloading it or anything, I'd listen to it on there as soon as possible. As for my opinion, I'm not quite sure yet, but it is growing on me the more I listen to it. It's just a lot more... sparse and slow, I guess, then I was expecting it to be. And Jenny's doing some different things with her voice that will take some getting used to. But my favorites as of this moment are: "Black Sand", "Bad Man's World", "See Fernando", and "Jack Killed Mom".
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Apparently, I've found my niche in sharing with all of you my latest discoveries in the world of bands that feature both male and female vocals prominently... so to keep in that direction, here's another!

One for the Team

So here's an interesting story: I saw a promo ad for this band's new album in a magazine a couple weeks ago and based solely on the adorableness of the above photograph, I decided that I would give them a listen. I was expecting to be let down, honestly, because of the totally random non-music-related reason for checking them out, but I was surprised - very pleasantly surprised. It turns out they are actually extremely good and their album, Build It Up, is very steadily making its way closer to the top of my ongoing list of favorite '08 releases.

What exactly do they sound like? Well, I myself would call them slightly lo-fi power pop (and it seems that I'm at least semi-close - their MySpace lists one of their genres as power pop as well). Anyway, not wasting any more time with meaningless genres, basically their music is full of synth-tastic melodies, uber-catchy hooks, perfect boy/girl harmonies, and cute-cute lyrics ("Let's move, let's move to Brooklyn together/We'll both get internships at Matador records/And we'll get an apartment there so small we'll only call it a part/One part you, one part me/We'll live in moderation in the NYC"). In other words, all of the ingredients to be completely awesome. Here are a few songs from Build It Up, which is currently available at Amazon mp3 and other digital music retailers and will be released on CD August 19th through Militia Group (pre-order here).

In other news, I haven't been keeping you up-to-date very well with the latest developments in my two most anticipated upcoming releases. So, let's get to that!

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Jenny Lewis will be releasing her second solo album (and first sans the Watson Twins though there are plenty of guest contributors taking their place) entitled Acid Tongue in September, the ninth according to Amazon though the official press release doesn't list a specific date. I have a feeling this will be very good, as long as it doesn't sound as overly-polished and perfect as Under the Blacklight (even though I've kind of been more in love with that album recently) and as long as all those special guest appearances don't outshine Jenny herself. Judging from the four songs that she performed on her last tour and the details of the press release, I don't think there's much to worry about but I'm trying not to let myself get set up for a disappointment. Anyway, for more information, including tour dates and the tracklisting, click on the cut, and below that are live versions of a couple of the songs for your listening pleasure.

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In other reasons why September can't come soon enough, you may have noticed that I'm also very excited about the upcoming solo endeavor by another charismatic leading lady, Amanda Palmer. If you haven't been keeping score yourself, you can now listen to "Ampersand" on Amanda's MySpace and it does not disappoint, with a gorgeous string arrangement, her always impressive and relatable lyrics, and an emotional vocal delivery. And I updated my previous post to reflect this, but if you didn't see that, you can also listen to/download "Leeds United", which is set to be the record's lead single. It seems a bit odd to already have so many songs when the album is still two months away, but, hey, I'm not complaining; they seem good enough so far that their appeal won't wear off anytime soon. But seriously - does anyone have a time machine? It still seems so far away...

P.S. This has nothing to do with this post, but this is something that's really bugging me, so if any of you guys have Last.fm accounts, do me a favor. Go to the Lydia images page and vote for a more recent picture! Preferably this one since it's the only one that features the current line-up (and lags way behind in votes due to their mindboggling system) but as long as it's not one of the really old ones (this, this, or this - vote thumbs down on those) it's fine. They just need an up-to-date image, damn it, and apparently there aren't enough fans to get one as the default! (Actually, a more recent image has been bounced back up to the top, but it's still pretty old, so vote on the others anyway.)


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