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Yes, I am aware that one of these is not an official album release but you know what? I don't care. It's still just as good as anything else on here so it counts!

Now, somewhere time pursues us as we love in Technicolor. )
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A random assortment of unrelated odds and ends because I couldn't be bothered to think about making a Christmas post until Christmas was nearly over. So, yeah, happy holidays and enjoy!

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So, I wanted to make a Halloween mix, an idea that I first tried out on here awhile ago (almost three years ago, what the hell?!?) but wanted to expand to a more CD-filling running time. At first, I was only using songs that had scary/Halloween-y words in the titles but then I ran out of those and focused on songs with a creepy/haunting vibe to them musically and, in the end, both of those groups ended up being pretty equally represented. So it's not exactly strictly Halloween-based anymore but it fits the spirit of the season well anyway. Enjoy the music!

All hail the queen. Still, I've never seen a witch this mean. )
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...Or just me. I don't care; I love these damn things. This video is more playful and less creepy than the others but still rather mysterious - I have no idea what it's supposed to represent but it's beautiful to look at and the song is good as well so I'm not too bothered by that fact. Also, I think it's pretty clear at this point that Jonna Lee is the face and at least one of the artists behind this project. Some people are annoyed that she won't just come out and say it but I think it's always been less about the reveal and more about getting creative with both music and visuals. As far as I'm concerned, this is just an intriguing new project called "Iamamiwhoami" and I won't really be bothered if anything else is never revealed. Though I will be kind of bothered if the next video turns out to be the last, as has been speculated. I need an entire album of this music, damn it! I love it so much!

Oh, here's the one before that too. The video part of it isn't one of my favorites but the song may possibly be. I've listened to it rather obsessively since it's been released.

By the way, you can purchase all of the full-length songs that have been released so far on iTunes or Amazon, along with a few remixes if you're interested in that kind of thing.
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She & Him - Volume Two )

Buy the album!

P.S. Hey guys, this song/video is even better than the last one. It kind of scares me how obsessed I am with this project/campaign but whatevs. It's awesome music, okay?!?

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Song of the Day

Bowerbirds - Teeth

These guys opened for Joanna Newsom but I figured that post was already massive enough as it was and they probably deserved something a bit more than a passing mention. They're one of those bands whose name has come up a few times for me and I've thought about checking them out but never really got that final push to actually do so. I also get the feeling that this ended up being a good thing because I doubt I would have given them a second listen without seeing them perform live first. Their certain brand of mellow folk-y pop is the kind of music I have a love-hate relationship with precisely because it's so mellow; there's really nothing to grab me and make me want to hear more after only one listen so I disregard it instead of giving it any more of my time. And also, everything sounds better live, right? I purchased their latest album, Upper Air, after the show and have listened to it a few times now. I can't say I completely love it yet but there are a handful of songs I can't get enough of. This one in particular I'm completely obsessed with. What causes them to stand out for me from the dozens of other bands doing the same type of music is the vocals; the male and female vocals just fit together so perfectly and this song is one of the best examples of that. Phil Moore's voice has kind of an Andrew Bird vibe to my ears and Beth Tacular's background vocals remind me of someone else too but I can't think who at the moment - together, they make beautiful musical magic. Also, Beth plays a mean accordion which I think is pretty bad ass.

Also, I know it's lame of me to be so invested in these videos but the music is amazing, especially in this latest one, and I want a whole album of it right now, damn it! It's so beautiful and eerie and atmospheric. And I've actually listened to an mp3 rip of it about twenty times since late last night. I'm that desperate. So if this ends up going nowhere or being distorted beyond recognition so that the actual music sounds far more ordinary, I'm not going to be a happy camper. (Oh, I should probably put a warning here that if you're a massive scaredy-cat you might find the following video a bit creepy... Personally, I don't think any of them are scary or creepy (and I thought I had a low tolerance for all things in those categories) but I guess a lot of people do. So, yeah.)

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And now for the first official taste of two albums I'm about 100% certain will be absolutely amazing (and cannot be released soon enough!):

From the initial press release that made such a big deal out of the fact that this song features Tilly and the Wall, I was surprised that they really aren't much of a presence here at all - you wouldn't even know it was them if you hadn't read about it beforehand. Though this is probably for the best because, let's face it, I can listen to Tilly and the Wall if I want to hear them; I listen to She & Him to hear Zooey fucking Deschanel and she sounds as glorious as ever. This is a nice little sunny retro pop tune with a simple catchy chorus - not too different from anything on Volume One except that it's more produced and glossy-sounding - but not in a bad way. Though I'm not the most unbiased, reliable source in the world (I would be excited to hear Zooey sing the phone book to be quite honest), it's pretty great in my opinion. But I think it will probably end up being one of the weakest tracks on the album when all is said and done. Volume Two is out March 23rd - far too long of a wait, I know, but I'm sure it'll be well worth it.

At this point, my most anticipated upcoming album is probably Joanna Newsom's. I'm trying to keep from spoiling the surprise by listening to too many of the songs in their live forms because Have One on Me is becoming one of those albums I feel like just needs to be very special and shiny and new the first time around. But an officially released song is fair game, right? This is more Milk-Eyed Mender than Ys - just under four minutes, melodically simplistic but memorable, Joanna's voice (sounding just as quirky but better than ever) and her harp and her beautiful lyrics all it needs to leave a strong impression. But I'm positive the best is still yet to come - because, oh yeah, I should probably mention this is going to be a triple album. FUCK YES. I HAVE BEEN FREAKING OUT INTERNALLY OVER THIS NEWS FOR THE PAST SEVERAL DAYS. Have One on Me will arrive on February 22nd. And I think it will possibly be too epic to listen to without spontaneously combusting. AOTY? I have to say, the chances are looking very good.

Also, have you guys heard about these mysterious "Iamamiwhoami" viral videos that have been going around for a couple months now? There have been several names tossed out as to who could possibly be behind them but the most common is Christina Aguilera. I kind of unabashedly love Christina (mostly for Stripped) and I would fucking worship her if this was her new sound but I really doubt it's her - it just seems far too drastic/creative/weird of a move for her to attempt. Also, that new and very generic ballad she sang on the Haiti telethon doesn't fit with the aesthetic/sound of these videos at all so I don't know what the fuck's going on. All I know is I'm waiting with bated breath for the mystery to be solved because I am simultaneously fascinated and creeped out by the whole thing. And I usually never fall for viral shit like this.


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