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I know I said I might not be posting for awhile but I saw this prompt on the front page of Livejournal when I signed in and it inspired me: Is there any song you could listen to 20 times in a day without ever losing interest? I mean, it's perfectly suited to this blog, no? So I thought for awhile about whether I should go with the old standards, aka the songs I've loved forever and already gushed about and will never grow tired of, or newer obsessions that I haven't yet posted. I decided to go with the latter since I basically just posted a week's worth of entries containing songs I've already mentioned. Maybe that means I'll look back on this entry in a year and think, "Seriously? I could have listened to that 20 times in a day?" but at the moment they all seem like good choices. They're also a rather odd combination of artists I'm just getting into and ones I've loved for awhile but I'm 99.9% certain that every song here can be found in no other entry. So, enjoy!

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Yeah, can you tell I quickly gave up on trying to describe most of these songs eloquently? Sigh.
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The only comments I've been getting lately are anonymous spammers so I had to disable anonymous commenting. I do get some really nice anonymous comments once in awhile but... if you want to post anything you'll have to register for Livejournal. Sorry.

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A random assortment of unrelated odds and ends because I couldn't be bothered to think about making a Christmas post until Christmas was nearly over. So, yeah, happy holidays and enjoy!

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November is National Novel Writing Month. I don’t know if many of you are writers but I personally couldn’t live without writing. My head is constantly filling up with all these random ideas and if I don’t get them down on paper as soon as possible, they begin to invade my real life. Well, if I really care about a certain character, they end up invading my real life regardless but writing it down at least keeps me relatively sane. Now, I’m not going to build myself up as this excellent writer because I don’t really know how my own writing stands up to the rest of the world’s but I have written a fair few things that I think I can be safe in saying I’m very proud of. (If anyone is honestly interested, I post my stuff here. Two warnings: I write mostly about love and depressed people and, usually, both of those things together; I am also not really a plot person. If that already sounds unappealing to you, please don’t read it and then tell me how much I suck, mmkay?)

Now, back to NaNoWriMo, this is my first year attempting it and I didn’t decide to do so until the last minute so it’s all rather hectic and exciting. So far, I’ve been doing well but I imagine when the things I’ve already decided will happen have been committed to computer screen (that sounds so much less eloquent than paper) I will start having a much rougher time of it. It doesn’t help that I am a notorious procrastinator and a frequent victim of severe writer’s block either. But I am determined to trudge through even if it means wanting to pull my hair out some days. If anyone reading this now is going through the same thing, here are some lovely songs related to reading and writing to help you through. Even if you’re not an author – or at least not an author insane enough to attempt this – I’m sure you’ll find plenty to love in these songs too.

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And if the music isn’t enough and you aren’t spending the month trying to write your own novel, here are my reading recommendations for you! Now get to your local libraries, people, (or direct yourself to Amazon using these handy links) and read until you drop!

Yeah, I like to read. A lot. Unfortunately, it’s on the backburner this month as I can only focus on so much at once! Plus, I’m afraid I’ll inadvertently steal from whatever book I’m reading and I do that enough as it is with the books I’ve already read.
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Joanna Newsom - Have One on Me

This is a hybrid review of Joanna Newsom's live show and her new album since I figured I might as well kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Also, you should be warned: it's lengthy. As in, way lengthier than usual. It's just that I've never actually had a reason to write about Joanna's music in excess before so, in a way, I've kind of been holding all of this in since Ys. So indulge me for a moment, will you? (Also, sorry these downloads are so massive in size; I like to rip all of my CDs in really high quality even if I can't tell much of a difference half the time and I'm too lazy to convert them to a lower bitrate. I think this is probably the kind of album in which higher quality is actually rather vital to its sound though.)

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If you're going to buy any album, buy this one. Seriously.
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Let's face it: half of my reasoning for posting about Miss Newsom again is that it gives me an excuse to post another fierce picture of her - seriously, look at the girl, damn. But anyway, in all seriousness, I'm actually posting because Drag City has offered up another new song for our listening pleasure and HOLY SHIT, I AM IN LOVE. In traditional Joanna fashion, the song in question, "Good Intentions Paving Company," is seven minutes long yet seems to fly by in an instant. In non-traditional Joanna fashion, it doesn't really sound like anything she's released before. I don't know how to describe it really. I wasn't sure how I felt about it upon my first listen but now I absolutely cannot get enough. Without a doubt, it's going to be (and already has been) very polarizing among Joanna's fans but I for one think it's brilliant and am now even more excited for Have One on Me even though I was sure my excitement level was already through the roof. Have a listen for yourself but please don't ruin my high by telling me you detest it, mmkay? The below is a direct link to the DC stream (because I am too lazy to upload it myself right now) so make sure to right click and save. Also, pre-order this album because we all know it will be brilliant, epic, lovely, gorgeous, etc., etc.

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And now for the first official taste of two albums I'm about 100% certain will be absolutely amazing (and cannot be released soon enough!):

From the initial press release that made such a big deal out of the fact that this song features Tilly and the Wall, I was surprised that they really aren't much of a presence here at all - you wouldn't even know it was them if you hadn't read about it beforehand. Though this is probably for the best because, let's face it, I can listen to Tilly and the Wall if I want to hear them; I listen to She & Him to hear Zooey fucking Deschanel and she sounds as glorious as ever. This is a nice little sunny retro pop tune with a simple catchy chorus - not too different from anything on Volume One except that it's more produced and glossy-sounding - but not in a bad way. Though I'm not the most unbiased, reliable source in the world (I would be excited to hear Zooey sing the phone book to be quite honest), it's pretty great in my opinion. But I think it will probably end up being one of the weakest tracks on the album when all is said and done. Volume Two is out March 23rd - far too long of a wait, I know, but I'm sure it'll be well worth it.

At this point, my most anticipated upcoming album is probably Joanna Newsom's. I'm trying to keep from spoiling the surprise by listening to too many of the songs in their live forms because Have One on Me is becoming one of those albums I feel like just needs to be very special and shiny and new the first time around. But an officially released song is fair game, right? This is more Milk-Eyed Mender than Ys - just under four minutes, melodically simplistic but memorable, Joanna's voice (sounding just as quirky but better than ever) and her harp and her beautiful lyrics all it needs to leave a strong impression. But I'm positive the best is still yet to come - because, oh yeah, I should probably mention this is going to be a triple album. FUCK YES. I HAVE BEEN FREAKING OUT INTERNALLY OVER THIS NEWS FOR THE PAST SEVERAL DAYS. Have One on Me will arrive on February 22nd. And I think it will possibly be too epic to listen to without spontaneously combusting. AOTY? I have to say, the chances are looking very good.

Also, have you guys heard about these mysterious "Iamamiwhoami" viral videos that have been going around for a couple months now? There have been several names tossed out as to who could possibly be behind them but the most common is Christina Aguilera. I kind of unabashedly love Christina (mostly for Stripped) and I would fucking worship her if this was her new sound but I really doubt it's her - it just seems far too drastic/creative/weird of a move for her to attempt. Also, that new and very generic ballad she sang on the Haiti telethon doesn't fit with the aesthetic/sound of these videos at all so I don't know what the fuck's going on. All I know is I'm waiting with bated breath for the mystery to be solved because I am simultaneously fascinated and creeped out by the whole thing. And I usually never fall for viral shit like this.
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So... I haven't posted anything here in quite a long time. Sorry about that. But I was in the mood to make a mix the other day so I'll share that. It doesn't really have a theme at all. Basically, the only thing these songs have in common is that a. I've been obsessed with them at some point in the past two or three months and b. I don't believe I've ever posted any of them here before. Other than that, they aren't really connected. I'm too lazy to upload the whole thing in one ZIP file so you don't have to listen to them in order if you don't want to (though I think it actually works extremely well as a whole) and you can pick and choose if you don't want/need every song. Enjoy. :)

And, oh yeah, I know it's sort of a "rule" not to have two songs by the same artist on one mix but whatever... I couldn't decide between the two and they both worked really well so I kept them. They are far enough apart that it doesn't seem like overkill. And anyway, they're both insanely good.

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Song(s) of the Day

Joanna Newsom - Inflammatory Writ/Sadie

So, uh, I was going to post only "Inflammatory Writ" but then I realized that I actually already posted it awhile back. But it's so good that I must post it again. And I'm also posting "Sadie" just so that there's something new here and also because it's totally amazing, too. You either love or hate Joanna's voice but I can't believe anyone would be able to write her off so easily as a songwriter; she has an undeniable talent for writing lyrics that are full of all these impressive techniques but also so pure and simple and heartwrenching at the same time. She uses all these obscure thesaurus words but it somehow manages to sound completely sincere and natural and not all, "Oh, look at me, I'm so smart!" So I absolutely must post these lyrics in full. If you can't handle listening to the songs, at least read the lyrics as poetry... or something. They're too good to miss entirely.

Inflammatory Writ )


Sadie )

Let's see. Reasons why I like these. "Inflammatory Writ" has pretty much the best lyrics ever though I may be biased because the literary theme of it (well, at least in the lines that make sense, which is only about half the song) is something I'm very fond of. And it's just so catchy. I could listen to this song on repeat forever - every time, without fail, that this song comes up on shuffle, I absolutely must listen to it at least one more time and usually three or four more before moving on to something else. Then there's "Sadie" which is just so incredibly beautiful and moving. The way she delivers that final line - "So dig up your bone, exhume your pine-cone, my Sadie" - just kills me; it's so simple and straightforward but something about it... gah, I can't describe it but it sends shivers up my spine. Ys is just a masterpiece and cannot be touched but there are so many songs on The Milk-Eyed Mender that absolutely slay me emotionally. Though there are a million of those moments on Ys, too, they just have a different kind of intensity - a more grandiose, epic kind while these songs are so simple and sparse but so affecting. Anyway, they're good. And while we're on the subject, I think it's about time Miss Newsom graces us with some new material, eh?
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Here are a few random songs/artists I am loving at the moment. No *NSYNC this time, I promise. ;)

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And also, because I'm feeling generous and because no one is really getting anything out of me keeping them to myself, here are links to some random things I have uploaded in my MediaFire folder - a few albums, some songs. They are all good, I promise, so download whatever you'd like! Remember to change xx to tt for the links to work.

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