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Before we get to the actual ranked list, here are a few albums that are good but not quite good enough to make it. I felt like they deserved a mention, too, so make sure to check these out if you haven't.

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Okay, I tried to make this post look all pretty with the words next to the pictures and it didn't work out as well as I thought it would and I'm too lazy to attempt to fix it. But it's still readable, I think, so I hope it doesn't look too bad.
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Here are a few random songs/artists I am loving at the moment. No *NSYNC this time, I promise. ;)

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And also, because I'm feeling generous and because no one is really getting anything out of me keeping them to myself, here are links to some random things I have uploaded in my MediaFire folder - a few albums, some songs. They are all good, I promise, so download whatever you'd like! Remember to change xx to tt for the links to work.

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To make up for my very sporadic updates lately and my laziness in getting the more fulfilling posts I'm planning ready, here are ten songs I'm loving at the moment. Some are old favorites that I've kind of rediscovered and others are by bands that I'm just starting to get into. All of them are lovely. And hopefully they'll be able to hold you over better than a random song of the day every once in awhile. Also, I promise, I'm working on two mixes right now, and I'll have them ready in at least a couple of weeks and maybe sooner. I'm such a procrastinator, I know. Anyway, here is the music!

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Oh no! I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I'm a couple hours late. I'm sure no one will notice. :P Anyway, I've already developed quite a list of 2008 releases I'm looking forward to and for some unknown reason, I've been downloading almost every leak I've been able to find, even of artists I have never listened to previously. Hmm. I guess I just want to outdo my "up-to-date-ness" in 2007 with even more in 2008. It's yet to be seen how that actually works out as of all of those leaks I've downloaded, I've only listened to one or two completely so far. Anyway, onto the actual music! Some of these songs aren't 100% confirmed as being on their singers' upcoming albums but I tried to pick ones that were pretty likely. Also, I'm bound to only the music I have on hand as I don't want to be searching around for crappy live versions for ages, so this isn't nearly representative of everything I'm excited about. (You can see more of those after the downloads, but even that's most likely not close to a complete list.)

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Sorry I haven't posted in awhile; I've been trying to figure out what kind of big project I'm going to do next. If I don't get too lazy within the next few days, I'll probably post some sort of 2007 in review mix and then I have a few songs tucked away for a New Year's post as well. For now, here are a few songs that have caught my attention in the last week:

Pretty Balanced - Floating


The message in this song is probably a bit cliched, but it's one that deserves a lot of attention, at least. I think the first few times I heard this, it made me cry. The whole song is good, but that huge climax ("what kind of world do we live in...") is just spine-tingling. It's perfect - angry and sad at the same time. And I have to say, I really enjoy the phrase "free fucking in public" for some reason.


Laura Veirs - Black Gold Blues


I posted this before when I did a color theme, but it's a damn good song and I just remembered that a few days ago. From the "ten black stars" part to the end is insanely awesome. It's intense without being totally in your face and catchy without being annoying. I still have yet to decide if I love her music overall, but this song at least is gold (no pun intended).


The Delgados - If This Is a Plan


I listened to another album of theirs, Hate, awhile ago and liked it a lot. It's more moody and atmospheric than Universal Audio and took two or three listens to completely sink in, but it's got quite a few amazing songs. This is one of them. It closes the album perfectly and kind of tricks you into thinking it's more epic than it actually is, but I guess that's a good thing.


Wow, I just realized these are all track ten on their respective albums. Interesting... Oh, and Merry Christmas if I don't post anything tomorrow!
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It's still a month until Christmas but seeing as it is already completely white and miserably cold outside, this seems to be the perfect time to bust out the Christmas tunes anyway! Now, I don't know about you, but most Christmas music annoys me, so aside from a few traditional songs (though performed fantastically, of course) I've tried to mostly include ones that can be easily enjoyed all year 'round. Some are explicitly about Christmas while others are more vaguely winter-y or contain a fleeting mention of Christmas but are just so awesome that it's enough to count. Hopefully, this mix will bring you more enjoyment over the holidays than whatever crappy radio station playing those generic cheesy Christmas songs. As always, below the cut, you can find the tracklisting with links to each individual song or download the entire thing in a ZIP file.

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Download entire mix (72 MB)
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So, the past few days, I've been working on making a mix of songs that are extremely personal to me and I think I've finally got it as good as it'll get. This is different from my usual themed playlists because I tried to make it as if it's an actual mix CD, so it's about 80 minutes worth of music and I tried to organize the songs in a way that made sense thematically and sounded good. I'm no expert at that, though. Since it's meant to be listened to in a specific order, I've uploaded the whole thing as a ZIP file but seeing as I've posted quite a few of these songs in the past, I've also uploaded them all individually if you prefer that. The only difference is that the ZIP contains an instrumental song as the first track because I think it works well as an intro. I didn't upload that one on its own because it's not as important as the other tracks plus it's a Shannon Wright song and I've had stuff by her reported and removed from my Box.net account in the past and didn't want to risk it again. Most of these songs are terribly depressing, so it goes... it seems to be easier to find songs that describe me when I'm depressed than when I'm happy. Alright, enough talk. Below the cut are links to each individual song as well as relevant lyrics from them and below that is the link to download the entire mix. Enjoy! (Oh yeah... I promise it's a complete coincidence that two of the songs have nearly identical titles.)

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Download entire mix (69 MB)
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I meant to post this a few days ago and, not surprisingly, didn't actually get around to it until now. Anyway, this is the final set of "color" songs - basically all the leftovers, colors with only one or two songs and songs that qualify for more than one color. So, enough with the talk, let's get to the music!

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Usually songs that are less than two minutes don't do much for me. They're either over before they really have time to develop or are that short for a reason (because they aren't really worth the time in the first place). So, when I'm truly impressed by one of these songs, it's a pretty big deal. It also speaks well to the artist - that they can leave such a large impact in such a small amount of time. With this in mind, I set out on the task of finding the very best songs under two minutes in my possession. I started out with well over 300 but after weeding out dozens of meaningless thirty-second interludes, concert banter, and instrumentals (since I don't have many, I'm saving them as a theme possibility for the future) I began the pain-staking task of combing through the rest to narrow down my very favorites. The list slowly dwindled down to 50, then to 30, 25, and finally to its final stage where I couldn't possibly lose any more, 20. So, here it is: my top twenty favorite songs that don't quite reach two minutes - short and sweet and completely perfect that way.


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