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Yes, I am aware that one of these is not an official album release but you know what? I don't care. It's still just as good as anything else on here so it counts!

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Here's a lovely video of Beach House performing "10 Mile Stereo" on Conan from last Monday. I can't get over how flawless Victoria Legrand's voice sounds live, my goodness. I think it actually might even sound better than on the album which is quite awe-inspiring. If you haven't heard Teen Dream yet, well, then, what are you waiting for?!? It's one of the best albums of the year! And I promise, I will do a better job of convincing you of that once I actually get around to posting my top albums of the year. Until then, enjoy the performance.

In random free music making its way around the Internet, Owen Pallett has released a demo EP that you can stream and download for free here. It's mostly instrumental, containing a few songs from Heartland without vocals and some new compositions. But the clear standout of this little collection for me is the one song that does have vocals, an alternate version of one of Heartland's best, "The Great Elsewhere," with Shara Worden from My Brightest Diamond singing instead of Owen. It helps that the song is just fucking amazing anyway but I'm fairly certain that Shara could sing anything and make it sound like a work of genius. She's that good, folks.

Also, Sherri DuPree-Bemis from Eisley recently posted a lo-fi cover of Kanye West's "Heartless". I didn't think this cover was going to work but it turns out, it's actually quite a perfect choice. Sherri turns the song into kind of a dark, plaintive acoustic guitar ballad and, oddly enough, it seems completely suited to this style. Also, her voice sounds as beautiful as ever. Here is that for you.
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A random assortment of unrelated odds and ends because I couldn't be bothered to think about making a Christmas post until Christmas was nearly over. So, yeah, happy holidays and enjoy!

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She & Him - Volume Two )

Buy the album!

P.S. Hey guys, this song/video is even better than the last one. It kind of scares me how obsessed I am with this project/campaign but whatevs. It's awesome music, okay?!?

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Hop on over to Stereogum to stream/download a brand new She & Him track, "Thieves"! It's deliciously retro and could Zooey's voice sound any better? I think not. I feel like I'm indulging in the world's sweetest ice cream sundae when I listen to it or something. So lovely.

Also, I know this is not related to the contents of this post at all, but anyone want to be friends with me on Netflix? I feel like an antisocial loser over there. I'm also running out of places to stalk for movie recommendations and even though I've got a queue of, oh, about 200 already, stalking other members' profiles seems like the obvious next step. So click here if you are okay with me stalking you (in a totally non-creepy way, I promise).
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And now for the first official taste of two albums I'm about 100% certain will be absolutely amazing (and cannot be released soon enough!):

From the initial press release that made such a big deal out of the fact that this song features Tilly and the Wall, I was surprised that they really aren't much of a presence here at all - you wouldn't even know it was them if you hadn't read about it beforehand. Though this is probably for the best because, let's face it, I can listen to Tilly and the Wall if I want to hear them; I listen to She & Him to hear Zooey fucking Deschanel and she sounds as glorious as ever. This is a nice little sunny retro pop tune with a simple catchy chorus - not too different from anything on Volume One except that it's more produced and glossy-sounding - but not in a bad way. Though I'm not the most unbiased, reliable source in the world (I would be excited to hear Zooey sing the phone book to be quite honest), it's pretty great in my opinion. But I think it will probably end up being one of the weakest tracks on the album when all is said and done. Volume Two is out March 23rd - far too long of a wait, I know, but I'm sure it'll be well worth it.

At this point, my most anticipated upcoming album is probably Joanna Newsom's. I'm trying to keep from spoiling the surprise by listening to too many of the songs in their live forms because Have One on Me is becoming one of those albums I feel like just needs to be very special and shiny and new the first time around. But an officially released song is fair game, right? This is more Milk-Eyed Mender than Ys - just under four minutes, melodically simplistic but memorable, Joanna's voice (sounding just as quirky but better than ever) and her harp and her beautiful lyrics all it needs to leave a strong impression. But I'm positive the best is still yet to come - because, oh yeah, I should probably mention this is going to be a triple album. FUCK YES. I HAVE BEEN FREAKING OUT INTERNALLY OVER THIS NEWS FOR THE PAST SEVERAL DAYS. Have One on Me will arrive on February 22nd. And I think it will possibly be too epic to listen to without spontaneously combusting. AOTY? I have to say, the chances are looking very good.

Also, have you guys heard about these mysterious "Iamamiwhoami" viral videos that have been going around for a couple months now? There have been several names tossed out as to who could possibly be behind them but the most common is Christina Aguilera. I kind of unabashedly love Christina (mostly for Stripped) and I would fucking worship her if this was her new sound but I really doubt it's her - it just seems far too drastic/creative/weird of a move for her to attempt. Also, that new and very generic ballad she sang on the Haiti telethon doesn't fit with the aesthetic/sound of these videos at all so I don't know what the fuck's going on. All I know is I'm waiting with bated breath for the mystery to be solved because I am simultaneously fascinated and creeped out by the whole thing. And I usually never fall for viral shit like this.
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Shocking, right? Anyway, there are two things to get to tonight!

First, She & Him will be releasing their second album, Volume Two, on March 23rd and it's probably my most anticipated album of next year so far. Volume One turned out to be one of the albums from last year that has stuck with me the longest (I still listen to it on at least a weekly basis) and I just go weak in the knees over all things Zooey Deschanel-related anyway so I am expecting big things from it. I mean, one of the songs features Tilly and the fucking Wall and, even though their last album didn't impress me as much as I had hoped it would, you can't really go wrong there. If anything, the track will be too cute to handle. Until an official cut from the album is released, enjoy a live performance of Lingering Still which I've loved ever since I first heard it and am very pleased will be given the proper studio treatment.

Second, I think everyone here knows how very in love with The Narrative I am. I was hoping they would release their debut album this year but it looks like we won't be seeing (or hearing, I suppose) it until sometime in 2010. Luckily, the EP they released last year, Just Say Yes, is gorgeous and those six songs have been tiding me over for more than a year now without getting stale. Seriously, if you don't have it yet, you should buy it, because it is not only awesome music but they are awesome people in general and still far too little-known and deserve all the support they can get. Anyway, the point of this is that they've just made the wait for a full-length a little easier by releasing a free cover of Brand New's "Tautou" for the masses to devour. Now, if you're a fan of Brand New (which I am not), you might find this a weird cover choice as it's really just an intro track that clocks in at under two minutes. But the Narrative have really transformed it; they've turned it into a four-minute near-epic and, though there are only two lyrical lines, it doesn't sound repetitive at all. It actually sounds perfect and like a completely new song. And a better song, if you want my very biased opinion. Take a listen for yourself.

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A bunch of random songs I've uploaded recently for whatever reason. Might as well spread the wealth, right? Some of them are songs I've already posted but have likely fallen victim to the strange Box.net glitchy mp3 upload issue so if you're OCD about music like me hopefully these ones have no problems with skipping and strange noises.

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Feb. 5th, 2009 01:37 am
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These songs have nothing in common apart from the fact that they can both apparently be found on recent Starbucks compilation CDs and that they are both sung by beautiful ladies with beautiful voices. And they're also both on the sparser, slower side. Okay, so maybe they have more in common than I thought. So here they are:

A very bare, lo-fi rendition of this song which I might not find extremely remarkable if not for Zooey's vocals - holy shit, people, she sounds beyond amazing here. This has to easily be her most impressive vocal performance; she sounds so strong and sultry and just... awesome. It makes my spine all tingly. And really makes me want some new She & Him material, like, right this very moment.

More new Neko! The title track from her upcoming album, this is pretty much the complete opposite of "People Got a Lotta Nerve" (which can be found here if you didn't catch it when I first mentioned it). It is very simple and slow and hauntingly beautiful. And it is similar to the aforementioned in one way: they both grow on me more with each listen. I love the sad yet slightly whimsical na-na-nas and the little toy piano (I think that's what it is) parts throughout; the lyrics are quite nice as well. And of course, Neko always sounds fantastic - I could listen to this woman sing the phone book and love every second of it.

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Alright, as promised, today = the top ten. I can honestly say that I adore every single one of these albums. So I'm quite happy with this list. I've also realized that my reviews would be a whole lot shorter if I didn't quote so damn many lyrics... What can I say? I'm a sucker for good lyrics. Anyway, I think that's all I have to say. Except that these all come highly recommended, obviously, so if you haven't listened to them, I think you should give them a chance. Oh yeah, and if anyone is surprised by my number one, well, you must be new here because it's so predictable if you know me. That is all. On to the music...

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