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...And I realize I haven't been around for months and months, partly because I'm not sure anyone actually bothers reading this anymore, partly because real life got in the way. But I haven't really properly written about music in a very long time so what better way to jump back into it than with my top twenty for the year? However, as usual, I'm terrible at motivating myself when I don't set a strict deadline so here it is: twenty albums in twenty days. I figure sticking to that schedule will a. force me to stop obsessing over albums I have not heard that I may or may not fall in love with before January, b. keep me from procrastinating until halfway through next year and c. make my verbosity less overwhelming for anyone who might still check in here. The best part is that since I've been so absent, I've really only talked about one of these albums in depth - so almost everything is completely new, yay!

Anyway, before I get to that list, let's get the albums that didn't make it out of the way. Here are thirteen songs from albums that were just okay, albums that kind of sucked apart from a song or two and EP/single releases that stuck with me throughout the course of the year. Tomorrow, I will start the countdown. (Also, if you like these posts and want to leave me a quick comment that would be fantastic as I really do appreciate even the smallest thanks.)

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It's nearly halfway through December already. How did that happen, right? I feel like the year has just flown right by. Of course the end of the year means it's almost time for me to post my annual list of favorite albums but I'm not nearly ready for that yet. There are still a few albums I haven't formed an opinion on yet and I feel like I'm discovering new stuff everyday that I should really listen to at least once before finalizing my list just in case I've missed something amazing. Of course that's the most fun/frustrating part of making these kinds of lists, isn't it? Looking back on them a year later and feeling stupid for not realizing the awesomeness of this one album that totally would have made your top five if only you had been thinking straight back then.

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In other news, like I said, I haven't even got my albums of 2010 list nearly finished yet and already there are several releases I'm looking forward to next year! Here are some links to free downloads of tracks from a few of them. First, here's "Down by the Water" from the Decemberists' upcoming The King is Dead. It's going to take a lot to top The Hazards of Love for me but I have faith in them to do it or at least come close. Asobi Seksu have offered up "Trails" from Fluorescence. I enjoyed their last album, Hush, well enough but this sounds like it may be a return to a noisier, louder sound which I'm looking forward to. Eisley will finally be releasing new material in March, The Valley, which will be their first release on new label Equal Vision. You can download "Ambulance" from their official site right now. Though most Eisley fans probably have already heard it (I can't hear much difference between this and the Fire Kite EP version), at least there are still newer songs to look forward to soon. And if you haven't heard it, well, what are you waiting for? It's one of their most beautiful songs yet and Stacy's voice sounds heavenly. Finally, I'm also looking forward to the new Wye Oak release, Civilian, the title track from which can be heard here. I haven't been very into this band when I've tried in the past but this song is really, really good and I hope the rest of the album lives up to it.

Alright, now I'm going back into my hole for awhile to sort out that damn list I keep talking about. Wish me luck!

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November is National Novel Writing Month. I don’t know if many of you are writers but I personally couldn’t live without writing. My head is constantly filling up with all these random ideas and if I don’t get them down on paper as soon as possible, they begin to invade my real life. Well, if I really care about a certain character, they end up invading my real life regardless but writing it down at least keeps me relatively sane. Now, I’m not going to build myself up as this excellent writer because I don’t really know how my own writing stands up to the rest of the world’s but I have written a fair few things that I think I can be safe in saying I’m very proud of. (If anyone is honestly interested, I post my stuff here. Two warnings: I write mostly about love and depressed people and, usually, both of those things together; I am also not really a plot person. If that already sounds unappealing to you, please don’t read it and then tell me how much I suck, mmkay?)

Now, back to NaNoWriMo, this is my first year attempting it and I didn’t decide to do so until the last minute so it’s all rather hectic and exciting. So far, I’ve been doing well but I imagine when the things I’ve already decided will happen have been committed to computer screen (that sounds so much less eloquent than paper) I will start having a much rougher time of it. It doesn’t help that I am a notorious procrastinator and a frequent victim of severe writer’s block either. But I am determined to trudge through even if it means wanting to pull my hair out some days. If anyone reading this now is going through the same thing, here are some lovely songs related to reading and writing to help you through. Even if you’re not an author – or at least not an author insane enough to attempt this – I’m sure you’ll find plenty to love in these songs too.

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And if the music isn’t enough and you aren’t spending the month trying to write your own novel, here are my reading recommendations for you! Now get to your local libraries, people, (or direct yourself to Amazon using these handy links) and read until you drop!

Yeah, I like to read. A lot. Unfortunately, it’s on the backburner this month as I can only focus on so much at once! Plus, I’m afraid I’ll inadvertently steal from whatever book I’m reading and I do that enough as it is with the books I’ve already read.
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So, I wanted to make a Halloween mix, an idea that I first tried out on here awhile ago (almost three years ago, what the hell?!?) but wanted to expand to a more CD-filling running time. At first, I was only using songs that had scary/Halloween-y words in the titles but then I ran out of those and focused on songs with a creepy/haunting vibe to them musically and, in the end, both of those groups ended up being pretty equally represented. So it's not exactly strictly Halloween-based anymore but it fits the spirit of the season well anyway. Enjoy the music!

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Ha! I bet you didn't think I was going to get around to posting the rest of this today, did you? Well, neither did I but in the end, I forced myself to do it because I would have been completely disappointed if I screwed up the entire schedule at the last minute. Because of this, half of these reviews are kind of half-assed. But I've also written about all of them to some extent before so that's partly to blame too. Anyway, I doubt most of you read my overly-long ramblings anyway so as long as the music follows, I guess that's all that matters.

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And there you go! That's it! Now I can take a break for a couple of days before I get to work on gushing all over my first potential top twenty of 2010 when it comes out on Tuesday. Yes, you read that right, I'm already predicting what's going to make it onto this year's list. In fact, it's not even halfway through January and I've heard three albums already that I'm positive will be on it. I won't make some broad exclamation of album of the year yet because that's more than a little premature but, yeah, I'm pretty sure I've got 3/20 spots locked.
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Well, I'm not sure quite how long it will take me to get through everything but I guess I can get started anyway. Before we get onto my top twenty of the year, here are a bunch of other songs I've loved that were released in 2009. A lot of them are from otherwise lackluster albums. Some of them are from compilations, live albums, EPs, singles, etc. They're all quite lovely and I highly recommend every single one. Here are the first ten of... however many I end up with. Enjoy! (Because I actually haven't posted any of them before... which is only due to the fact that I've been terribly lazy all year.) Oh right: album titles are purchase links and song titles are, naturally, download links.

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Song(s) of the Day

The Decemberists - The Bagman's Gambit

I've been very neglectful lately, sorry about that. It's not that I've been any less enthusiastic about music; it's just that I'm quite often too lazy to put in the work it takes to upload a picture and a couple songs in order to share that music. Yes, that sounds pathetic. So I'll try to get back into the swing of things now. Anyway, I saw the Decemberists live a few nights ago and it was quite possibly the best show I've ever been to; it's definitely vying for that position, at least. In short, it was amazing. They didn't play this song but I adore it and haven't had a chance to gush about it here yet. It's one of those epic songs, you know, the ones that start out all gentle and acoustic and then explode into this cacophony of loud instrumentation and intense vocals. Basically, it's glorious. And you should just listen to it. And then go see them live when you get the chance.

Neko Case - Favorite

I also saw Neko Case live last month (see, this is how long it's been since I last posted!) and it was also fantastic. Her voice is as flawless live as it is in the studio - maybe it even sounds better. This song was especially a highlight. The recorded version on the Canadian Amp EP is good but it was so much better live. However, neither of the two live performances that have been officially released seem to sound as amazing as it did when I saw her perform it. Maybe you just have to be there to really get it. Anyway, the non-live version is still acceptable even if it doesn't measure up at all. Go see her too!

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So... I haven't posted anything here in quite a long time. Sorry about that. But I was in the mood to make a mix the other day so I'll share that. It doesn't really have a theme at all. Basically, the only thing these songs have in common is that a. I've been obsessed with them at some point in the past two or three months and b. I don't believe I've ever posted any of them here before. Other than that, they aren't really connected. I'm too lazy to upload the whole thing in one ZIP file so you don't have to listen to them in order if you don't want to (though I think it actually works extremely well as a whole) and you can pick and choose if you don't want/need every song. Enjoy. :)

And, oh yeah, I know it's sort of a "rule" not to have two songs by the same artist on one mix but whatever... I couldn't decide between the two and they both worked really well so I kept them. They are far enough apart that it doesn't seem like overkill. And anyway, they're both insanely good.

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Song of the Day

The Decemberists - The Engine Driver
I've never been a huge fan of the Decemberists - just liked a few songs here and there (though I think their new album is changing this; expect a massive review/analysis of it soon) - but this has been my favorite song pretty much since the first time I heard it. It's just so gorgeous and simple and sad. The chorus always completely kills me: "I am a writer/Writer of fictions/I am the heart that you call home/And I've written pages upon pages/Trying to rid you from my bones... And if you don't love me let me go." Ugh, it's just the absolute definition of perfection in a song. I listened to this about forty times in one day recently (which is not something I do often) and I still could've listened to it forty more. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it.


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