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Before we get to the actual ranked list, here are a few albums that are good but not quite good enough to make it. I felt like they deserved a mention, too, so make sure to check these out if you haven't.

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Okay, I tried to make this post look all pretty with the words next to the pictures and it didn't work out as well as I thought it would and I'm too lazy to attempt to fix it. But it's still readable, I think, so I hope it doesn't look too bad.
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I'm going to attempt to crank out a couple more of these within the next week or two, so I figured I'd better get this one - the second I had to completely re-write due to my apparently terrible luck with technology - out of the way sooner rather than later.

The Dresden Dolls

No, Virginia...

It's a testament to Amanda Palmer's talent as a songwriter and the Dresden Dolls' talent as performers that a quickly put together collection of rarities and leftovers is better than many lesser bands' album material. Their latest release, No, Virginia..., is an eleven-track assortment consisting mostly of longtime live favorites finally committed to a more permanent format along with a couple of previously released tunes that were harder to get a hold of. As you would expect, the result is something quite schizophrenic, from tender ballads to more aggressive rock-oriented songs, but when you think about it, their proper albums aren't exactly the picture of uniformity either. (Take for example their debut, where you get the punk-y "Girl Anachronism", child-like "Missed Me", dark epic "Half Jack", mysterious interlude "672", and playful tongue-in-cheek "Coin-Operated Boy", one right after the other.) With this in mind, No, Virginia... is nearly as filling as their prior releases; it's even got a few songs that could easily fit among their best ever.

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No, Virginia... is out now on Roadrunner records. Be sure to pick up a copy of your own!

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Song of the Day

The Dresden Dolls - Dirty Business


This is definitely one of my very favorite Dresden Dolls songs, though at first I didn't care much about it either way. I never had any sort of response to the live version and I didn't much take to the studio version when I first heard Yes, Virginia... either. I even looked up my old Last.fm journal reviewing all of the songs on the album right after I got it so that I could see exactly what I thought about it: "This song kind of reminds me of 'My Alcoholic Friends'. Don't ask me why. Neither of them are bad, but they both just kind of slip by without much notice. This song is lots of fun though." It's pretty funny to look back on because now it and "My Alcoholic Friends" are among my favorites on the album. The one thing I was right about then is that it's insanely energetic and fun. And the lyrics are just absolutely genius; I especially enjoy the second half of the second verse: "She's the kind of girl who leaves out condoms on the bedroom dresser/Just to make you jealous of the men she fucked before you met her." Brilliant, I'm telling you. This song is just so fun to sing along to and go a bit crazy with and I can't believe I didn't realize it's awesomeness for so long - but that kind of thing happens with me a lot.


Speaking of the Dresden Dolls, they are releasing a new album next month that is a compilation of b-sides and otherwise unreleased tracks mostly from the YV sessions, appropriately entitled No, Virginia... Just a few days ago, a song from it, "Night Reconnaissance", was released for free download over at Stereogum, so make sure to check that out. I had only heard Amanda's solo version before and loved it but it's even more addictive with Brian's drumming added to the mix and the lyrics are quite amusing as well. It's definitely upped my excitement for this release immensely, even though like with YV at the time, there's only one song I haven't heard in some form or another before. The Dolls have also put up the studio recording of "The Kill" on their myspace if you're hungry for more. It's also excellent though I do miss the live end bit that they've cut out here.
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Oh no! I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I'm a couple hours late. I'm sure no one will notice. :P Anyway, I've already developed quite a list of 2008 releases I'm looking forward to and for some unknown reason, I've been downloading almost every leak I've been able to find, even of artists I have never listened to previously. Hmm. I guess I just want to outdo my "up-to-date-ness" in 2007 with even more in 2008. It's yet to be seen how that actually works out as of all of those leaks I've downloaded, I've only listened to one or two completely so far. Anyway, onto the actual music! Some of these songs aren't 100% confirmed as being on their singers' upcoming albums but I tried to pick ones that were pretty likely. Also, I'm bound to only the music I have on hand as I don't want to be searching around for crappy live versions for ages, so this isn't nearly representative of everything I'm excited about. (You can see more of those after the downloads, but even that's most likely not close to a complete list.)

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It's past midnight now, so I guess it's officially New Year's Eve and seeing as how I won't be here most of today and Tuesday, there's no better time to post some New Year's related songs, right? Right. The reason for most of these being here is blatantly obvious so I won't bother going into further details, but you may be scratching your head at the inclusion of "Troubadours". But wait - it has the sound of party noisemakers throughout and Jenny (or at least it sounds like her) shouts "Happy New Year!" randomly at the very end. Okay, so, it's not much of a reference, but you know me, always looking for an excuse to post some Rilo Kiley. And on a semi-related note, I just watched the movie Talk to Me which featured Jenny as a drug-addicted prostitute which was a bit odd to see. The movie was completely terrible besides her, unsurprisingly, but it's always fun to catch a glimpse of her acting past. Anyhow, before I veer totally off-course, here are some lovely songs for the occasion!

  • Asobi Seksu - New Years
  • Camera Obscura - Happy New Year
  • Death Cab for Cutie - The New Year
  • The Dresden Dolls - New Year's Day (live U2 cover)
  • The Good Life - New Year's Retribution
  • Rilo Kiley - Troubadours
  • Stars - A New Year (live)

And... yay for rapidly developing obsessions! I present:

Los Campesinos!

So, after dismissing them as annoying in the past, I have totally discovered how crazy awesome these guys are. I swear, this always happens to me! I guess I really need to start listening to things with a more open mind the first time. But I guess that's one of the good things about being music-obsessed: a band you hated in the past you can suddenly adore without any obvious reason for the change of opinion. It kind of proves that your taste is always changing and evolving slightly, even if you can't tell. Anyway, so, yes Los Campesinos! rocks. Their songs are really energetic and fun and make me want to dance and sing along at the top of my lungs. Even though I barely know any of the words. And I think I have a thing for rock bands with strings, ala Stars, and obviously, Los Campesinos! as well. Those violin melodies are so damn infectious. The male lead singer's voice is kind of irritating at first but I got used to it pretty quickly. I can now add them to my list of highly anticipated 2008 releases. They don't have many songs right now, but their upcoming full-length, Hold On, Youngsters..., is due out February 25th in the UK and April 1st in the US as of currently, and it definitely seems promising. Here, have some songs! Be warned, they'll get stuck in your head almost immediately.

  • Death to Los Campesinos!
  • The International Tweexcore Underground
  • Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks
  • We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives

(Meanwhile, that 2007 mix is coming along slowly. I've kind of completely abandoned the original and have decided to go back and listen to some albums I never gave proper attention to and cram in a few that I never got around to listening to at all. I'm probably taking this way too seriously, but it gives me a good reason to listen to things I would've kept putting off otherwise, so I guess that's good.)
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I'm working on another themed mix but very slowly and lazily, so here's an awesome song to hold you over for now!

Song of the Day!

The Dresden Dolls - Lonesome Organist Rapes Page Turner

Shamefully included only on the Japanese release of Yes, Virginia..., this has to be one of my favorite Dolls songs. I remember I was so excited to hear it the first time because with everything else from that album, I had heard live versions previously, but this was a song I had never before heard in any way. And it turned out to be completely amazing, which isn't surprising considering the Dolls are completely amazing. When I saw the title, I expected it to be a slow and creepy song in the vein of "Slide" so I was surprised to hear something so upbeat and fun. As you can see, the lyrics are actually quite disturbing, so it makes an interesting contrast. This track is just so energetic and Amanda's vocal delivery is spot-on as always. And it's fun to sing along to as well, ha.

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So, the past few days, I've been working on making a mix of songs that are extremely personal to me and I think I've finally got it as good as it'll get. This is different from my usual themed playlists because I tried to make it as if it's an actual mix CD, so it's about 80 minutes worth of music and I tried to organize the songs in a way that made sense thematically and sounded good. I'm no expert at that, though. Since it's meant to be listened to in a specific order, I've uploaded the whole thing as a ZIP file but seeing as I've posted quite a few of these songs in the past, I've also uploaded them all individually if you prefer that. The only difference is that the ZIP contains an instrumental song as the first track because I think it works well as an intro. I didn't upload that one on its own because it's not as important as the other tracks plus it's a Shannon Wright song and I've had stuff by her reported and removed from my Box.net account in the past and didn't want to risk it again. Most of these songs are terribly depressing, so it goes... it seems to be easier to find songs that describe me when I'm depressed than when I'm happy. Alright, enough talk. Below the cut are links to each individual song as well as relevant lyrics from them and below that is the link to download the entire mix. Enjoy! (Oh yeah... I promise it's a complete coincidence that two of the songs have nearly identical titles.)

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Download entire mix (69 MB)


Sep. 23rd, 2007 04:11 pm
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I haven't posted any themed playlists in a couple weeks and I have about half a dozen waiting for me to get around to, so there'll be some new ones over the next few entries. I tend to think of really random ideas suddenly and this was one of those out-of-nowhere ones: song titles that mention "royalty" aka anything with the word king, queen, prince, or princess. There were actually less than I thought there would be but I cut the list down to twelve really awesome songs - seriously, all of them except two I've rated five stars in Windows Media Player (and the other two are at four). So, for your listening pleasure, twelve songs about the royal family, rulers of the kingdom, etc, etc.

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Songs of the Day!

So, I've been listening to my music collection on shuffle a lot lately which leads me to rediscover songs that I love but haven't listened to in a long time. Today, I give you two of these songs - they're both very high on my list of all-time favorites by anyone ever and they also both happen to be very depressing, which seems to be a theme among songs I adore. Believe me, if you haven't heard these, you need to fix that right now.

The Dresden Dolls - Thirty Whacks


This is probably my favorite Dolls song, if I was forced to choose, because I relate to the feeling it portrays extremely well. Amanda is a stellar lyricist and it often feels like she's writing only for me, to the point of being a bit scary at times. Especially the "thirty-day guarantee" verse gets to me and if I'm not already crying by that point, I will be once I hear it. It's just a gorgeous song, and probably a bit overlooked by many Dolls fans. The build-up at the end is also perfect - Amanda wailing over the drums and piano assault is so chilling and unnerving.


Fiona Apple - Never Is a Promise


Every single time I hear this song, even though I've listened to it so many times by now, it completely blows me away. Everything about it is perfection. Fiona is an above-average pianist, but this is one of the few songs where she's truly impressed me with her skills; the melody is so driving and moving and the string arrangement also adds a lot. I would probably still love it if it was only an instrumental piece. However, the lyrics and vocal performance really make it special. I personally think she is a genius lyrically and this song is no exception. It's even more mindblowing when you add in the fact that she was only a teenager when she wrote these. Her voice is so unique, as well. She doesn't use her really high register much which makes it even more affecting when she does - especially that extremely high, shaky note at the end makes me shiver and the quiet but intense anger behind some of the lines. I could honestly go on about its amazingness forever and still not feel like I've described it well enough.

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I've had a "colors" playlist sitting around on my computer forever so I decided I should finally get around to attacking it and picking out the best songs to post. After a few days of listening, I think the list is pretty much ready. Obviously, a theme like this has way too many tracks to post all at once, so I'll do it in a few installments. I'm not sure how many yet but this first one will get the less specific titles out of the way, as in titles containing just the word "color" and as an added bonus, I've thrown in a few "rainbow" songs as well. Sample/download the chosen ones below the cuts.


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