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I've been kind of non-existent here lately, I know, at least compared to the rate that I used to post, but here's a little something to make up for that. I've been wanting to make a new mix lately but had absolutely no ideas for it. Between that and trying to think of something - anything! - to post about, this one was born. The seed was planted last night when my Zune decided to play me "Get Big" and "Warrior" back-to-back and I thought it sounded quite nice, so then I kept thinking about other songs that would work with those two. There is really no hugely obvious theme this time... I guess just that all of the songs are kind of dark and moody and sad, different aspects of depressing, I suppose. And basically I just think they all sound good together and they're mostly songs that I've been obsessed with lately. I think there are only two that I've posted previously, so that's a plus. And I just have to say, I'm the kind of person who feels like it's wasteful to not use the entire 80 minutes of a blank CD, so it was extremely hard for me not to try and fill up the last twenty or so that remain with this. But there are really no other songs I felt the need to add and I was afraid that any half-hearted inclusions would disrupt the entire thing, so I left it be. Also, there is really no reason for the two parts, just me being pretentious, I guess. (And yes, I realize that Orenda Fink is technically on the CD three times which I generally try not to do but whatever...)

I'm landing now, forgetting how. Your gravity ruins everything. )

Download entire mix (87 MB)
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It's past midnight now, so I guess it's officially New Year's Eve and seeing as how I won't be here most of today and Tuesday, there's no better time to post some New Year's related songs, right? Right. The reason for most of these being here is blatantly obvious so I won't bother going into further details, but you may be scratching your head at the inclusion of "Troubadours". But wait - it has the sound of party noisemakers throughout and Jenny (or at least it sounds like her) shouts "Happy New Year!" randomly at the very end. Okay, so, it's not much of a reference, but you know me, always looking for an excuse to post some Rilo Kiley. And on a semi-related note, I just watched the movie Talk to Me which featured Jenny as a drug-addicted prostitute which was a bit odd to see. The movie was completely terrible besides her, unsurprisingly, but it's always fun to catch a glimpse of her acting past. Anyhow, before I veer totally off-course, here are some lovely songs for the occasion!

  • Asobi Seksu - New Years
  • Camera Obscura - Happy New Year
  • Death Cab for Cutie - The New Year
  • The Dresden Dolls - New Year's Day (live U2 cover)
  • The Good Life - New Year's Retribution
  • Rilo Kiley - Troubadours
  • Stars - A New Year (live)

And... yay for rapidly developing obsessions! I present:

Los Campesinos!

So, after dismissing them as annoying in the past, I have totally discovered how crazy awesome these guys are. I swear, this always happens to me! I guess I really need to start listening to things with a more open mind the first time. But I guess that's one of the good things about being music-obsessed: a band you hated in the past you can suddenly adore without any obvious reason for the change of opinion. It kind of proves that your taste is always changing and evolving slightly, even if you can't tell. Anyway, so, yes Los Campesinos! rocks. Their songs are really energetic and fun and make me want to dance and sing along at the top of my lungs. Even though I barely know any of the words. And I think I have a thing for rock bands with strings, ala Stars, and obviously, Los Campesinos! as well. Those violin melodies are so damn infectious. The male lead singer's voice is kind of irritating at first but I got used to it pretty quickly. I can now add them to my list of highly anticipated 2008 releases. They don't have many songs right now, but their upcoming full-length, Hold On, Youngsters..., is due out February 25th in the UK and April 1st in the US as of currently, and it definitely seems promising. Here, have some songs! Be warned, they'll get stuck in your head almost immediately.

  • Death to Los Campesinos!
  • The International Tweexcore Underground
  • Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks
  • We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives

(Meanwhile, that 2007 mix is coming along slowly. I've kind of completely abandoned the original and have decided to go back and listen to some albums I never gave proper attention to and cram in a few that I never got around to listening to at all. I'm probably taking this way too seriously, but it gives me a good reason to listen to things I would've kept putting off otherwise, so I guess that's good.)
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So, I guess it's officially my birthday now. Here are a few (appropriately depressing) songs that mention this joyous occasion.

  • Carissa's Wierd - Heather Rhodes
There will be no tragedies; your lullabies, they are sounding like sirens now. Just like Heather Rhodes when she was seventeen years old, put another cigarette out in the square of my back. Memories might last for years and birthday cakes, they always taste like crap.

  • Fiona Apple - Love Ridden
Love ridden, I've looked at you with the focus I gave to my birthday candles. I've wished on the lidded blue flames under your brow and baby, I wished for you.

  • The Good Life - Your Birthday Present
Do you wonder how I am or whatever became of me? Do you envision my thin face where the beaten go to drink? I didn't want to cut that cord; you sucked the life right out of me. Do you regret choices you've made? I guess I was a mistake. I guess I'm your big mistake. Well, happy birthday anyway.

  • Sondre Lerche - Happy Birthday Girl
I know it may take some time to get this day off your mind.

  • Tori Amos - Pretty Good Year
Greg, he writes letters with his birthday pen. Sometimes he's aware that they're drawing him in.
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I liked using a mixtape method so much last time that I think I'm going to continue using it for each of my future themed posts. It forces me to be choosy in my selection and seems more thoughtful and cohesive than simply a random group of songs. With my last one, I actually struggled to fill up an entire 80 minutes but it was the opposite with this mix. Because of the broad theme - songs featuring handclaps - there was a much larger selection of songs to choose from which meant I had to make quite a few painful cuts, especially in the final stages, when I would suddenly find a new song to fit in and had to trade another one for it or when I had to take out or replace some songs for the greater good of the overall sound. I tried to focus more on making all of the songs fit together musically than just choosing a bunch of my favorites, so for many of the artists included, the song I picked isn't necessarily my very favorite of their handclap-featuring songs but works better with all of the others. I specifically wanted to make this mix more upbeat and fun so there are only a few slower songs. Also, this compilation has a shocking amount of male vocals for my usual tastes - okay, it's still not a lot by normal standards, but it's a lot considering that I almost exclusively listen to females. Anyway, here are 22 lovely songs that will hopefully put a smile on your face and make you want to get up and dance. Same as last time, you can either download single tracks below the cut or download the whole mix, whichever works better for you.

It's such a crazy kick-ass beat. )

Download entire mix (70 MB)

P.S. Does anyone know any good songs with any kind of group vocals in them? I did a post with some awhile ago but I want to revisit and expand on the theme and I'm running a bit short on songs. If you can think of any (and not ones that totally don't match with my music taste at all), let me know!
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The number of songs left is dwindling, so there'll most likely only be one more post after this to complete the theme. As for this post, today's chosen colors are gold and silver.

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I didn't mean for it to be so long between the first installment and this one, but I somehow got caught up with other things and didn't get around to it until now. Anyway, here it is, part two consisting of blue and red songs, below the cut.

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Song of the Day!

The Good Life - Inmates


Alright, so, it hasn't really been a full day since the last song(s) of the day and I've posted this song in the past, but none of that matters, because this is one of the best songs ever - seriously. It's by far my favorite Good Life song; the lyrics are stunning and the musical arrangement compliments them perfectly. Another big part of what makes them resonate so much, and what makes this so different from the rest of the band's catalogue, is the vocals. The main vocal is done by Jiha Lee (who is most well-known for performing flute for such artists as Bright Eyes and Rilo Kiley) with usual frontman, Tim Kasher, relegated to the background. Her plain, aching, and sweet voice fits the song perfectly. And for the record, Jenny Lewis also pops up on backing vocals at the end, which makes it even more awesome.

I've also uploaded another version of the song, which was on a special disc of Tim's acoustic demos included with Album of the Year when it was first released. With Tim taking the vocal duties, it can be interpreted in a completely different way, as a narrator telling a story rather than a first-person account. It's amazing how the same lyrics (mostly - a few parts on the demo differ from the final version) sung by a male or female voice can be seen in multiple lights.

Anyway, I've gone on long enough about one song, but it is pretty epic, at over 9 minutes. I personally prefer the final album version, but it's stellar either way. It comes with my very highest recommendation, so check it out if you haven't already.

Album version
Acoustic version
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I was given the suggestion to gather songs with a sun and moon theme, so I decided to act on it and was surprised by how many songs I had that fit the bill. There were way too many originally for me to upload in a reasonable amount of time, so I cut it down to twelve for each category. A lot of these are among my very favorite songs, so enjoy.

Sun. )

Moon. )
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Well, here it is, the final part - months of the year. It's obviously a lot more songs than the other two and it took awhile to get through, but it kept me busy at least, since I'm always complaining about being bored. I also discovered a few artists and songs that I probably wouldn't have otherwise and that's always a plus. So, here's the massive collection of songs I ended up with, close to 30. Just as an excuse to post more, the first few songs reference a year in general and then they're divided up into the songs for each month.

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I know I promised this one like two weeks ago now, so it's long overdue and I apologize. I'm just such a procrastinator. Anyway, why this topic? Well, I noticed the last time I went shopping for CDs, everything I ended up getting (besides Patty at the show, of course) was on the lovely Saddle Creek records. And when I am not listening to artists on that label, I am most likely listening to someone closely related to it somehow. All of my favorite artists these days seem to be among this group, so it's only natural to post about them, right? I'm also including Team Love because, well, it's basically Saddle Creek's little sister and come on, I can't leave out a certain tap-dancing band and sexy indie chanteuse, can I? On to the music!

In related news, I found out today that Rilo Kiley's upcoming album is apparently titled Under the Blacklight and is set to be released August 20th in the UK and hopefully the day after or earlier in the US since it seems very odd to me that they would release it in the UK first. Oh well, none of that matters right now. All that matters is that we finally have some substantial information and now that it's officially set to come out, we should start getting more. I am terribly excited about this! Is it August yet?

P.S. - I also have a few other ideas for upcoming posts. Hopefully, they won't take as long to be realized as this one.

P.P.S. - Do you love my new Matthew Gray Gubler icon? I sure do. :D


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