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I'm resisting the urge to post more Parenthetical Girls, as they're essentially all I've been listening to for the past week with very few exceptions (seriously, if you listen to any one band I've ever recommended here, please make it them). But instead I'll post about another band I've known for awhile but had kind of forgotten about for the past couple years before recently rediscovering. Unfortunately, said rediscovery has been put slightly on the back-burner by my current obsession but that's not to say this band isn't just as worthy of your time.

Winterpills has been consistently releasing very lovely, low-key music since their self-titled debut in 2005 but they've really stepped up their game with this year's All My Lovely Goners. It's a staggeringly gorgeous album that is, sadly, flying completely under the musical radar though it certainly deserves much more attention. It's also a bit more dynamic, sound-wise, than Winterpills' past releases, which makes it even more appropriate for multiple listens. From the lush male/female harmonies of "Amazing Sky" to the more upbeat and instantly catchy "Dying Star" to the devastating, subtle intensity of "Sunspots (Ruins)," there's truly something here for everyone to love. The song that stole my heart right away, though, is the comparably bare and simplistic "Small Bright Doses." Philip Price and Flora Reed's soothing voices and the heartbreaking lyrics are placed front and center while the instrumentation slowly but beautifully unfolds and develops in the background, culminating in a stunning yet still understated finale. It actually reminds me very much of a Carissa's Wierd song, particularly Price's deeper, raspier vocals at the beginning and the melancholy beauty of the song's atmosphere. If you like what you hear, I suggest you head over to Winterpills' Bandcamp page and stream the entire album right away, then maybe throw $10 their way for making such ear-pleasing sounds.

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Here are a few random songs/artists I am loving at the moment. No *NSYNC this time, I promise. ;)

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And also, because I'm feeling generous and because no one is really getting anything out of me keeping them to myself, here are links to some random things I have uploaded in my MediaFire folder - a few albums, some songs. They are all good, I promise, so download whatever you'd like! Remember to change xx to tt for the links to work.

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Okay, here's the final post of 2007-related stuff. That is, until six months from now when I discover some album I didn't know anything about previously and it suddenly becomes my new favorite. And believe me, that's probably very likely to happen, knowing my track record. I actually still have a handful of albums on my "Need to listen to more!" playlist, but I have to let go of 2007 list-making at some point or I won't have time to listen to any 2008 releases. (And shockingly, those are starting to pile up as well already!) Anyway, here's the last set of songs. Enjoy!

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Well, our crappy computer decided to die on us and we haven't decided whether to get it fixed for the millionth time or just get a new one yet, so I don't know when I'll be able to post new music again. For now, here is some stuff I uploaded before this big fiasco. It's all bands I've uploaded before but if you didn't check them out then, here are some other songs and some nice little descriptions to convince you. Make it last because it may be a long time before anything else. Wish me the best of luck! ;)

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Song of the Day!

Winterpills - Handkerchiefs


I'd been meaning to investigate this band for the longest time. Seriously - the first time I heard of them was on a Paste sampler way back in late 2005. So, up until last week, I had only heard that one song ("Pills for Sara") and didn't even remember what it sounded like but the name always stuck in my head as one I needed to look into further. Then I somehow ended up on their Last.fm page, realized that there were two songs up for free download and fell in love with them. Their music is really slow and sad and pretty but never gets to the point where it's boring. On most of their songs, Philip Price sings lead and Flora Reed provides ethereal background vocals, but for this one, she takes the lead and it's so gorgeous; very simple and sleepy but perfect. I haven't listened to them a lot yet but I really like them so far and am, once again, kicking myself for waiting so damn long to get around to it.


P.S. - I've got another mix in the works but I'm being lazy about it again and not getting very far. So that's why I haven't posted in awhile. I'll try to attempt working on it soon. ;)


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