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Guess who feels like an asshole right now? Yep, me. I knew it was a bad sign when I started skipping days between posting reviews and I knew it would only get worse once I started school again... so, of course, fast forward a month later and I still haven't revealed my top three. I'm sure anyone who once would have cared hates me by now. I also don't have proper reviews to post with these. Not because they aren't good. Naturally, they are very good. I just don't have it in me to write about them at length. So I'm mostly going to let the music speak for itself, though I do have a few half-hearted words to go along with it. Seriously, ignore how flaky I am in my posting habits and just listen to it, please.

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Alright, now I'm probably going to disappear again for... awhile. The foreseeable future. You can keep up with me here or on Tumblr, where I need more friends!
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I know I said I might not be posting for awhile but I saw this prompt on the front page of Livejournal when I signed in and it inspired me: Is there any song you could listen to 20 times in a day without ever losing interest? I mean, it's perfectly suited to this blog, no? So I thought for awhile about whether I should go with the old standards, aka the songs I've loved forever and already gushed about and will never grow tired of, or newer obsessions that I haven't yet posted. I decided to go with the latter since I basically just posted a week's worth of entries containing songs I've already mentioned. Maybe that means I'll look back on this entry in a year and think, "Seriously? I could have listened to that 20 times in a day?" but at the moment they all seem like good choices. They're also a rather odd combination of artists I'm just getting into and ones I've loved for awhile but I'm 99.9% certain that every song here can be found in no other entry. So, enjoy!

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Yeah, can you tell I quickly gave up on trying to describe most of these songs eloquently? Sigh.
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It's nearly halfway through December already. How did that happen, right? I feel like the year has just flown right by. Of course the end of the year means it's almost time for me to post my annual list of favorite albums but I'm not nearly ready for that yet. There are still a few albums I haven't formed an opinion on yet and I feel like I'm discovering new stuff everyday that I should really listen to at least once before finalizing my list just in case I've missed something amazing. Of course that's the most fun/frustrating part of making these kinds of lists, isn't it? Looking back on them a year later and feeling stupid for not realizing the awesomeness of this one album that totally would have made your top five if only you had been thinking straight back then.

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In other news, like I said, I haven't even got my albums of 2010 list nearly finished yet and already there are several releases I'm looking forward to next year! Here are some links to free downloads of tracks from a few of them. First, here's "Down by the Water" from the Decemberists' upcoming The King is Dead. It's going to take a lot to top The Hazards of Love for me but I have faith in them to do it or at least come close. Asobi Seksu have offered up "Trails" from Fluorescence. I enjoyed their last album, Hush, well enough but this sounds like it may be a return to a noisier, louder sound which I'm looking forward to. Eisley will finally be releasing new material in March, The Valley, which will be their first release on new label Equal Vision. You can download "Ambulance" from their official site right now. Though most Eisley fans probably have already heard it (I can't hear much difference between this and the Fire Kite EP version), at least there are still newer songs to look forward to soon. And if you haven't heard it, well, what are you waiting for? It's one of their most beautiful songs yet and Stacy's voice sounds heavenly. Finally, I'm also looking forward to the new Wye Oak release, Civilian, the title track from which can be heard here. I haven't been very into this band when I've tried in the past but this song is really, really good and I hope the rest of the album lives up to it.

Alright, now I'm going back into my hole for awhile to sort out that damn list I keep talking about. Wish me luck!


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